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We have all the 8th class Past papers of science on this website. We have a dedicated team of researchers that work hard to gather all the material for you. And we do it for you free of cost. If you go to the market and buy the past papers for science, it will cost you more than 500 rupees. But we do it for free. All you have to do is keep visiting our website and ask your friends to download the past papers for 8th grade from this website. This is the only support that we ask from you.

There is a distinction between a topper and a person who has just passed the examination. And that’s the top scorer who works smart. We’re all working hard, but it’s the working smart that’s going to get us to the top. If you want to get to the top of the 8th board exam, then one reasonable way to prepare is by past papers. It is a popular trend that every year the PEC repeats a large number of questions. So, essentially, it’s the same questions again and again. If you already knew the questions, it would be better for you to perform even more, as you would be prepared for those questions and give the correct answer.

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Why prepare from 8th class past papers of science?

As we have told you before, the only thing that separates a topper is his habit of working smart. In these days of COVID-19 where students didn’t get to study in class, their concepts are a bit murky. Especially for the science subjects, students need special focus and attention. But as the schools were closed, they didn’t get to learn them properly. That is why, the best way to prepare these subjects is through 8th class past papers of science. You can use them and prepare for your examination. But then you will ask how can you prepare from numerous questions. There are hundreds of questions and MCQs in the past papers and it is difficult to cover all of them in such a short amount of time. DO not worry, we are going to discuss this in the next paragraph.

How to prepare from 8th class past papers?

You can prepare by the following method and get a very great result this time in 8th class result 2021. Just follow the technique and you will do really well this time. It is a tried and tested method that has proved to work for everyone. I personally have tried this and my marks in Chemistry jumped from 75 to 98.

All you have to do is follow these steps:

  • Download the 8th class past papers of science from biseresults.com
  • Get to the science subject
  • Start reviewing questions from each year.
  • Note down the points
  • Do not note the concepts and questions that are repeating
  • Put a star on the question that is being repeated
  • The questions that will have the most stars will have a 90% chance of being repeated.

Using this method, you will have all the important questions and you will easily ace in the examination. But what advantages will you get by following this procedure, we will be addressing that in the paragraph below.
Advantages of preparing from 8th class past papers.

The method described above does take a lot of time. But once done correctly, you will get the following advantages from this method.

  1. You will have all the important points
  2. The syllabus will be crunched down to 30%
  3. The most important questions will be narrowed down in the list
  4. The chances of you getting the right answer will increase
  5. Your 8th class result 2021 will be exceptional even though the time for preparation is short
  6. It takes less time to prepare as compared to reading the entire textbook
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